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History Repeating Itself?

Today is the 30th Anniversary of the PATCO strike.  Regardless of whether you believe they were right or wrong, the controllers of PATCO stood up for what they believed in.  Don Brown wrote this post this morning and WWVB had … Continue reading

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15,000 More Scapegoats

A few days ago I wrote this about Hank Krakowski’s “resignation:” But, in all fairness to the man, his biggest contributions to this latest mess are the staffing/hiring levels and not really addressing the fatigue issues inherent in working our … Continue reading

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American Public, Beware: Your Rights Are Next

I had more than a few topics specific to NextGen and the FAA that have caught my interest lately, just waiting for me to find time to write about them.  However, the recent events in Wisconsin, Ohio, Indiana and Tennessee … Continue reading

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