Spanish NextGen

I read this article today. I’m not going to offer much of an opinion regarding the supposed salaries being quoted in the press for Spanish controllers.  During the Imposed Work Rules (IWRs), we heard the press (and one Congressman) keep changing our average salary here in the United States. We heard it get as high as $286,000 for us, so I’m just a bit leery of taking the press number as gospel for the Spanish controllers.  I will note that, according to the article, some were getting as much as 600 hours of overtime at triple pay.  That would significantly bump up the “salaries.”

From the article:

Spain is also looking at airport closures and replacing some of its air traffic controllers with computer based technology at some of it smaller airports that have fewer than 50 flights a day.

I wonder how much of Industry’s hand is in the reporting of salaries in the press…and how much they stand to gain by getting their foot in the door with Automated NextGen Towers (ANTs) in Spain.  Hmmm, Spain uses “Line Up and Wait” (LUAW) for phraseology, too…as will we come September 30th.  Looks like Industry will have that part of the programming already done for the U.S, saving some costs there for Industry. (In case it wasn’t obvious, that was dripping sarcasm.)

Maybe they should hire more controllers in Spain instead so they don’t have to use so much overtime.  Just a thought.

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2 Responses to Spanish NextGen

  1. nutts says:

    thay must have got page out of the marion blakely book on how to screw your controllers.

  2. ZZ says:

    I wonder if their management ranks are as bloated and overpaid as ours.

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