A Big “If”

In early June, the FAA reversed its decision to move Boise’s radar to Salt Lake City.  Congratulations to Boise’s users who fought for over four years to have their concerns heard and ultimately vindicated.

In late June, the Office of Inspector General (OIG) for the Department of Transportation issued its report on the FAA’s projected cost savings of the original proposed move.

From the OIG’s online summary:

“Our review found that while FAA had a process to evaluate the estimated costs and savings associated with the move, FAA’s business case was flawed and did lack transparency.  Specifically: (1) FAA’s business case did not reflect changes in key assumptions that drove the projected $24 million savings in the original business case for moving TRACON operations, (2) FAA’s basis for facility lifecycle costs may have been unrealistic, and (3) FAA’s cost estimates of the option to keep the TRACON in Boise were questionable.”

The OIG’s full report can be found here. Go ahead and check it out; it’s easy reading. From the last page:

“If the driving factor behind consolidations is cost savings, then it is important to be as transparent and accurate as possible in the business cases.  To do otherwise erodes confidence in the business decisions made and raises questions as to whether they are in the best interest of the taxpayers.”

Note the wording “IF the driving factor behind consolidations is cost savings…

If it isn’t really cost savings you’re after, FAA, then tell the users what you’re really doing. They deserve the truth.

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